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Dr. Cristina Hubert Certified Ophthalmologist with international practice authorizations (Luxembourg,  Belgium, Romania) having had international training in well-known hospitals, such as  Moorfields UK, Munich University Hospital Germany, Antwerp University Hospital Belgium, and with well-known specialists, such as Prof. Tassignon (EBO president), Dr. Trau (former BSCRS president), Prof. Alain Bird (Moorsfields), Prof. Lightman  (Moorsfields), Dr Gregor (SOE president), as well as a varied experience with anterior and posterior segments. More...(Curriculum_Vitae.pdf) Active participation at national and international congresses with research, publication,  and presentation of multiple articles at congresses (8 having received a prize or a  mention) and in specialized magazines, as well as publication of 3 medical books.  Obtained multiple prizes with educational grants.  More...(Publications_List.pdf) Excellent technical and scientific knowledge due to continuing medical education and  personal research. Multilingual, intelligent, capable, and motivated.  Entrepreneurial, organizational and marketing skills, owner of Hubert Vision® Medical  Company and honorary vice-president and cofounder of an IT Company (HubertTech).